There are over R100,000 worth of giveaways to be won, for anyone who enters the Mr Price Foundation virtual challenge. Prominent South African brands, the Mr Price Foundation, Mr Price Group, SPAR and Comrades Marathon have joined hands for a worthy cause: to break the cycle of poverty and inequality in South Africa.

Runners, walkers, cyclists and fitness fanatics can take part in the inaugural Mr Price Foundation Challenge taking place on December 5 and 6, and stand a chance to win two SPAR Travel Vouchers, valued at R20,000 each. There are also six R6,000 SPAR Brands Vouchers to be won in the various categories.

Mr Price Group and Mr Price Sport have also allocated vouchers across the differing competition categories.  

The Challenge, a fundraising event for the Mr Price Foundation, offers participants the opportunity to walk, run or ride various distances for just R199. Whether you run it or ride it, all individuals, running and cycling clubs are encouraged to take on the Challenge and make a difference to South Africa’s youth. 

Cyclists can choose distances ranging between 10km and 606km, whilst runners can complete 3km, 7km or 21km. 

“We as the Foundation feel really strongly about partnerships, especially because we share a common purpose with some great South African brands. We have teamed up for a completely different virtual experience, which we hope will bring in many new participants,” said Karen Wells, Head of the Mr Price Foundation. 

“I encourage you to look on our website and on our social media channels to find out where you can sign up and I look forward to this special event with each and everyone of you if you connect with our purpose,” Wells urged. 

Join the Challenge and see the difference you will make to South African youth.

Click here for more information on how prizes have been allocated and to see how you can win.